Council of Vapor
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Council of Vapor - Vengeance coils

The Vengeance coils are serving the Vengeance Subohm evaporators. Set of 10 pieces

Council of Vapor - Typhoon SubOhm (0.5)

Typhoon coils are serving the Typhoon Subohm evaporators. The coils are 0.5 ohms. Turn upside loosen the lower ring of your Typhoon evaporator. Unscrew the old (if it needs replacing) coil and screw the new one. Loosen the lower ring back tight and let the coil may get well saturated with e-liquid. If this still somewhat dry taste, you can in the middle of the coil directly onto the filaments drop e-liquid dripping. This is called "priming" the coil.

2 Item(s)