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Kanger Organic Cotton Coils (SOCC)

Set of 5 original Kanger single coils filled with organic cotton with a choice of different resistances.

Kanger SSOCC Coils (5-Stuks)

Stainless steel coils kanthal wire and organic cotton. Packaged and priced per 5 pieces, available in different resistances.

Kanger Subtank OCC Temperature Sensing Coils (TSC Ni200)

These coils are constructed with Nickel (Ni-200) of thread which makes it become possible to control the temperature of the coil.

Kanger Subtank Organic Cotton Coils (OCC)

Coils of organic cotton for models below. Available in various resistances, supplied in a pack of 5 pieces.

Kanger Subtank Vertical Organic Cotton Coils (OCC)

Vertical coils of organic cotton for models below. Available in various resistances, supplied in a pack of 5 pieces.

Kanger Upgraded Vertical Organic Cotton Coils (VOCC)

The latest version Kanger Upgraded vertical coils filled with organic cotton. Available inverse chill-using resistors, sold per 5 pieces.

Kangertech TOPTANK mini SSOCC

Here they are: The first top-filling clearomizer of Kangertech. Because you this Clearomizers so over the top completes this process easier and also faster. With a tank capacity of 3.2ML This is a very nice tank has good taste and by the sub-ohm vapors can produce great vapor clouds. Because these tank supports all the different types of coils is a true all-rounder but in a compact format. Available in colors: Black, red, stainless steel and white

Kangertech Subtank Mini Pyrex Glass Tube

The slides are easy to change by the airflow is turning out to replace the old glass and place it in the new one. set of 5 pieces

KangerTech Clapton Coil

KangerTech Clapton Coil (Subtank /TOPTANK /NEBOX)

KangerTech CLOCC Replacement Coil

KangerTech CLOCC Replacement Coil, are coils that can be used for the Kangertech Togo.

Kangertech JUPPI Coil

Kanger JUPPI coil is a rewickable NotchCoil structure coil which adds the efficient heating surface area. The coil delivers huge vapor and flavor. 5pcs each pack.

KangerTech SSOCC NiCr

5pcs KangerTech New SSOCC Replacement Coil for Subtank/TopTank/Nebox, the latest SSOCC from Kanger, which suit Subtank, Toptank, Nebox and Subvod.

12 Item(s)