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Welcome to in our store you will find a wide range of best e-cigarettes eliquids and we have almost everything in the field of electric smoking and offer only the best quality eliquids. We buy our e-liquids directly at the manufacturer. Therefore you are guaranteed the best price and of course you always buy the original branded with the associated quality. You can always ask us about the production of our e-liquid manufacturers, we try to answer your question as best as possible. We have a very wide range of e cigarettes and eliquids and we ship for free on all orders from 60, - Euro!

Advice when buying your eliquid or electric cigarette

Due to the rapid developments there is always news to report about electrical smoking. We will be glad to personally speak to you for advice. Our products may contain nicotine, you can make this choice in our shop, choose eliquid by as much of nicotine you would like. The e-cigarette is intended as an alternative to smoking and we do not recommend the use of non-smokers and people under 18 years. We sell our products only to persons over 18 years. Electrical smoking (also known as 'vapor') and the use of e-liquids is an alternative to the smoking of a classical cigarette. E-liquid may contain nicotine, which is a choice of the user. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance and is bad for your health. The use of nicotine is strongly discouraged for non-smokers, pregnant or lactating women, diabetics, people with high blood pressure or heart -and / or vascular problems.

Why choose

An electric cigarette consists of electronics and includes batteries. Some batteries can cause damage if improper use. Do not leave batteries in the charger unattended and use the supplied charger with the product. If these are sold separately pay close attention to the quality and buy your chargers at specialized / listed companies / brands. Do not let the e cigarette in the car with danger to overheat and turn the battery off if you stop the e cigarette in your pocket or purse.

As you can see, our service is there, We have a very large assortment and we deliver from our own inventory and ship these products also free! Too good to be true, you would think ... Fortunately, we make use of Kiyoh an independent assessment site where customers can post a review after they have received the order at home, read them and see what customers think of us . You can read them by clicking here.

Should you have any questions about anything, we will be happy to help you! Click here for our contact page.


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